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Established in 1996, Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy has grown to become the trusted physical therapy destination for the people of Lawrence as well as the surrounding Essex County Community.


Since we opened, we have worked hard to earn the trust of the surgeons, primary care doctors and more importantly, the patients, of the City of Woburn and the surrounding areas.


We are locally owned and operated, not part of a national chain. By being therapist owned, our focus is on being up to date with the latest physical therapy trends and procedures. We create treatment plans that fit the individual, not force the individual to fit a plan. Our goal is to help YOU recover from YOUR injury. No 2 injuries or recoveries are the same.


We work for YOU the patient, not the insurance company.  If you are injured, put your trust in us to help you recover.


Book an appointment:

500 Terry Francois Street,  SF, CA 94158 

Tel: 123-456-7890

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